We have been in business since 1951. 
Our hours of operation are 11a.m. to 11p.m M-F, and 10a.m. to 12p.m Saturday and Sunday.

Reservations are recommended. 
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​Raw Fleeces, Roving, Yarn, and Sheepskins

We are very careful about keeping our sheep in a clean environment.  We bed with straw, which wicks moisture away from the animal and stays out of the fleece. We feed hay from special feeders that keep hay crumble from entering the picture. Fleeces are strong, veggie-free, and easy to work with.

2020 Raw Fleeces
BFL uncovered raw fleeces available at $20/lb.  We have white, silver and dark currently on hand.

BFLXShetland and BFLXBorder Leicester uncovered raw fleeces available at $18/pound.  We have white, silver and dark, currently on hand.

Fleeces are skirted but otherwise unwashed.  I tend to skirt lightly, then include 1/2 pound of free fleece. In my mind this beats over-skirting and missing out on workable product. 2020 fleeces are now ready to go!  : )

Roving  All roving is $3.50/ounce ($56/lb.)
We have two crossbred types, three blends, as well as some purebred BFL roving. 

Crossbreds are:  
BFL x Shetland (white)
BFL x Border Leicester (white)

Blends are:
BFL, Shetland, and Mohair (light gray)
BFL, Tunis, and Mohair (this is a lovely oatmeal shade)
BFL, Border Leicester and Shetland (white)

​We now have super lovely mill-spun yarns in 100g (approx. 4oz) skeins of both white and deep grey.  A blend of BFL with just a touch of alpaca, the 2-ply DK weight yarn is super soft, wonderful to work with and all locally supporting.

Sheepskins available at assorted sizes and prices.

Email for further details. We are happy to mail you  wool, roving and yarn samples.
This is what it's all about!!