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2022 lambs have all been sold. Please check back with us in 2023!

See below for 2022 lambs. 

Call and plan a visit so we can show you the flock in person!
2022 Registered BFL lambs have all been sold. Please check back for next spring's crop!

​We are looking forward to 2023's crop of registered BFL and (non-registered) BFL cross lambs. 

We breed for great quality lustrous fiber, sane hardy parasite-resistant stock, long-bodied solid-built animals you are proud to display.  We are not a show barn, but have a thorough appreciation for well-built, good looking animals.

Lambs may be reserved with deposit once they arrive, but we like to keep them here on the farm with mom until a month after weaning (3.5 - 4 months of age) to assure they are off to a great start.   In the meantime, we welcome visitors and love to talk sheep. 

Check back for lamb updates.  BFL Fleeces will be available through ETSY mid-March

 BFL Cross Lambs, Rams and Ewes         

Shearing is planned for mid-to-late March 2022! Please feel free to contact us for specific fleece requests.  Check our Etsy site, FoxHollowWoollery, for fleeces, rovings, & yarns!

As my main interest in sheep is for wool and hand-spun yarn, over the years we have explored and enjoyed several crosses for that purpose.  Bluefaced Leicester wool is uber silky, tightly crimped, and has a lovely pearly sheen. However, the fleeces only weigh in at a 2-3 pounds; about a third of the quantity you may expect from other breeds. To bump volume and retain softness, we have crossed our BFL ewes with Shetlands and Border Leicesters.  The results have been super!  Shetlands add "oomph" and open curl. Great yarn for scarfs, mittens, sweaters, but still fine and silky soft to touch.  Border Leicesters add volume, yet maintain the fineness and fiber length...for those times you want to knit up some lingerie!

Meet our wool (and wool-lamb) production team, below...Lamb updates to follow soon!

Market Lambs -- They can't all be Rock Stars

In addition to our wool breeds, we cross our BFL ram on heavier meat-purpose breeds for wonderful grass-fed, chemical-free, flavorful market lambs.  

If you would like to have a lamb for your freezer, we are happy to help.

You may pick your live lamb up at the farm or we can help you organize processing.


How much do they cost?
Market lambs are sold by weight and price is set by current market value at New Holland Sheep Auction.  

How much meat can I expect to get?
An average lamb weighs 90 to 100lbs., from which you will get about 40-45lbs. of tenderloin, roasts, chops, steaks, burger, sausage, shanks etc..

When are they available?
Freezer lambs are large enough to process at approx. 5-12 months of age.  Since our lambs are born March to May, will have freezer lambs available in the fall and up to Christmas, while supply lasts.  You may put a deposit on a lamb anytime after birth, and we will hold it for you at no added cost.  

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This is registered BFL ewe, Irma. Her lambs arrived March 24.  Her ram lamb, Oswalt.
This is registered BFL ewe, Marie May. She had twins March 22. 
Her ram lamb, Merlyn.
This is registered BFL ewe, Cheerio. Her lovely ram lamb arrived on March 20,
registered as Fox Hollow Reese.
Meet Eloise, daughter of Violet (above). She is 88%BFL x 12%Border Leicester. Her lambs are  92% BFL genetics.  Essentially producing a fairly pure BFL fiber with volume!                    SOLD
Meet Violet, our 75% BFL x 25% Border Leicester ewe. She had a lovely ewe lamb this year.
This is Briar Rose, our 75% BFL x 25% Border Leicester ewe. Her lamb (88%BFLx12%BL) was born 
This is Naughty, our lovely 75% BFL x 25% Shetland ewe. Her twin ewe lambs (88%BFLx12%Shetland) were delivered March 27.
This is Piper, Naughty's daughter and 88% BFL x 12% Shetland. Her twin ewe lambs (92%BFL) were born March 1st. 
Meet Charm, Piper's twin and 88% BFL x 12% Shetland. Her handsome ram lamb (92%BFL) was born April 20.
The above ewes are our proven moms, and supply amazing fleeces. We are also expecting some 75% BFL x 25% Shetland lambs this spring from "the Hooligans"...our very lively and ornery crew of 50-50 Shetland / BFL.
Keep scrolling for more lambs, fleeces and available adult stock!
Our LGD Elsa hard at work.