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2020 lambs are ready to roll!  

Photos sent on request.  

Call and plan a visit so we can show you the flock in person!

2020 Registered BFL lambs are here!

​We are very excited for 2020's crop of registered BFL and (non-registered) BFL cross lambs. We are using a registered BFL first-year ram from wonderful stock by Nancy Starky ;"Abraham" (father of nations). We're thrilled with the results so far. 

We breed for great quality lustrous fiber, sane hardy parasite-resistant stock, long-bodied solid-built animals you are proud to display.  We are not a show barn, but have a thorough appreciation for well-built, good looking animals.

Lambs may be reserved with deposit at any point, but we like to keep them here on the farm until a month after weaning (3.5 - 4 months of age) to assure they are off to a great start.   In the meantime, we welcome visitors and love to talk sheep. 

I am happy to send images of specific sheep on request.
(see button, below.)

The lambs are here!  All 2020 lambs by registered BFL ram Abraham have been white, even when the ewe was natural colored.  We greatly appreciate this, as a colored fleece is nice here and there, but white offers many more opportunities for dyeing.   

We will be offering the following 2020 Registered BFL Lambs for sale:

Lambed April 18, Cha-Cha, a registered BFL ewe lamb #368, by Chrissy  A big hardy solid-built ewe...gorgeous!

Lambed May 4,     Maisie, a registered BFL ewe lamb by Marie May
                              Midge, a registered BFL ewe lamb by Marie May
 -- First time mom with great instincts. These will both be lovely-fleeced additions to your flock. Being white lambs from a dark colored ewe, they will carry a dark gene but likely produce a majority of white lambs.  We find that to be a perfect combo of genes!

​Lambs can be held with a deposit. Lambs are weaned and ready to go.

​Currently, BFL ewe lambs are $350   BFL ram lambs are $325  Lambs can be held at listed price with a deposit, and are guaranteed healthy.

                                    Please send me an email for photos and more info;

 BFL Cross rams and ewes  

As my main interest in sheep is for wool and hand-spun yarn, we have several crosses we have been enjoying.  The bloodlines are now 95%+ BFL, with just a touch of either Shetland (which gives the wool strength, luster and bounce) or Border Leciester (which adds volume, length, and silky luster).  Both crosses give a more open lengthy lock and make quality hand-spinnable yarns. The BFL keeps the yarn silky and oh so soft!

These sheep are very hardy, very parasite-resistant, halter trained and tame.  If you are looking for some amazing quality hand-spinner flock starters, please contact us.

​2020 Cross bred Lambs offered for sale:  (all are white)

April 14, we have two ewe lambs by Rosie. They are 95% BFLxBL. Rosie gives us one of our most outstanding fleeces each shearing. These big robust ewe lambs will be well suited to quality wool production.

April 17, A super nice ewe lamb and ram lamb from first-time mom, Charm.  These two are 95% BFLxShetland.  Awesome-looking lambs with vigor and a Shetland's hardy constitution and solid instincts.  Charm is another great fleece-factory! Charm delivered her lambs in the pasture and we noticed at mealtime when she didn't come in. She had them dried off, up and nursed, and was simply waiting for us to help her gather them back to the barn.  Great mom!

April 30, Piper, Charm's twin sister, has also come through with some exceptional lambs; a ram and a ewe. Thoughtfully, she waited until midnight to deliver in her lambing pen, assuring that I was up all night...She also didn't need me, at all.  Good girl!  See above for breeding description...these are big hardy babies with fabulous fleece!

                                                    Please send me an email for photos and more info;

Cross bred sheep are $250 unless otherwise noted. 

Market Lambs -- They can't all be Rock Stars

In addition to our wool breeds, we cross our BFL ram on heavier dorper ewes for wonderful grass-fed, chemical-free, flavorful market lambs.  

If you would like to have a lamb for your freezer, we have a very easy system in place;

We drop a lamb off at Groff's Meats in Elizabethtown with your cut order, and you pick up your shrink wrap/labeled frozen lamb when it's ready.  You pay us for the lamb and Groff's for the processing.

You may also simply pick your live lamb up at the farm.

Market lambs are sold by weight and range from $200 to $250 depending upon market price.  

An average lamb weighs 90lbs., from which you will get about 40-45lbs. of roasts, chops, steaks, burger, sausage, and shanks.

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